Dig A Little Deeper

When did  looking after our own needs become such a guilty pleasure or a selfish act? The burning question that I consistently return to is at what point does a women start putting EVERYBODIES needs before and at the detriment of their own? As I make inroads into my own journey surrounding self care, the stories…… Continue reading Dig A Little Deeper


Magic in the Air

There is something really special happening globally at the moment that makes this an awesome time to be starting something new. Everywhere I look I see incredibly talented creative women taking action to do the thing that makes their hearts sing. Women leaving the 9-5 grind to pursue ideas that they have held in their heart and…… Continue reading Magic in the Air

Empowerment · Intention · Intuition

Family, Faith and Flow

Have you set your intention for 2017? Family, flow and faith are my key intention words for this year. After a year dedicated to self care last year, 2017 for me is about putting things in perspective and re establishing the values which are most important to me. Growing up I stopped putting my family…… Continue reading Family, Faith and Flow


Grateful Heart

Taking time to be grateful in your daily routine is a practise that can help change your life. When you are truly thankful throughout your life journey, you no longer think in scarcity but in abundance. As you appreciate the small gentle nuances of life you stop judging, criticising and labeling and start accepting, encouraging and loving. The…… Continue reading Grateful Heart


Love hard, dream big.

I have always been a firm believer in having a good crack at life, jumping in, taking risks and following what feels good. The times where I have felt the most joy were the ones that were spontaneous, irresponsible and messy, where instead of doing what I ‘should’, I decided to do what I wanted. I got out…… Continue reading Love hard, dream big.


How to Start Living Your Life on Your Own Terms

There are lots of different reasons for why women have a tendency to feel guilty and judged for wanting more out of life then what we have. Part of it is that we become so programmed to put others needs first, that the big dream we had, becomes a soft whisper barely being heard above the noise of…… Continue reading How to Start Living Your Life on Your Own Terms