Big Universe

I have always had this gnawing feeling that there was a reason I was here. And for so long  I considered this feeling a burden. I couldn’t understand why I was being tormented by this concept that would haunt me whenever I least expected it. It wasn’t always heavy, but if I did too much of an activity that was out of alignment with my soul, then in my quiet times my shoulders would ache. I would drink alcohol and dance on tables to try to convince my soul I was “free”. Sometimes this would allow me to let my guard down enough for my soul to speak and I would ponder life til the sun rose with anyone willing to engage. Then life would continue on and I would allow my head to rule over my heart and the flame would turn back into flicker.
Then something happened and I could no longer avoid dealing with the unquenchable yearning. I felt like I had been swimming against the tide and in utter exhaustion, I surrendered and let the pull of the waves take me out to sea. As I sunk into the warmth of acceptance,  I let the ego driven fear, inauthenticity, neediness, separateness and control go.  I detached from the things no longer serving me and was able to reconnect with my intuition and allow it to be heard.

I had always been a deep thinker and a feeler of life which I dulled with whatever substance I could. Now,  it was like someone had flicked on a switch and I could feel the connectivity to everything around me. Where I doubted before my confidence now grew. I started to step towards the light and in doing so I gave permission for others do to the same.
Each time a woman connects to her authentic self, and says yes to her soul, it adds to this universal energy which is propelling us towards compassion and love and oneness like never before. Awakened women every where are feeling this shift happening. Those who have always had an understanding of all things ‘woo woo’ are starting to see these concepts become more mainstream and accepted.
So now I call myself a light worker. Not because I think I am something special but so I shine a beacon that like minded souls will identify with and come closer. Like attracts like.
Now this might seem like some weird woo woo, way out of your comfort zone stuff and I get that. But you know that little tiny voice muffled by the shouts of the one telling you’re not good enough? It is the one you need to listen too. Its the one that is telling you to write a blog, quit the job you hate, take up yoga, travel, fall in love (again), take a chance. That might be a really big step for you to begin with, so just take a little one and each time you do you will be surprised how easy it becomes. And really in the big scheme of things you are just a speck, living on a big planet, in an even bigger universe, and tomorrow might be your last. So make your life, YOUR masterpiece, no one elses.

2 thoughts on “Big Universe

  1. This is incredible. I always felt like I was here for a reason, to make a difference but something always is pulling me back and that’s me! I need to let go and believe in myself! This is beautiful. I just followed you, can’t wait to read more from you 💕 I would love if you’d check my blog out thanks 🙏


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