Grateful Heart

Taking time to be grateful in your daily routine is a practise that can help change your life. When you are truly thankful throughout your life journey, you no longer think in scarcity but in abundance. As you appreciate the small gentle nuances of life you stop judging, criticising and labeling and start accepting, encouraging and loving. The drama of life subsides as it no longer receives energy to keep it alive and gets replaced with calm serenity. Abundance has this power to allow you to accept what is and treasure what is to come. When you feel grateful for what you have in your life, regardless of what it is, your happiness is no longer attached to a particular outcome. You regain control over your own life because, despite what happens, it is no longer relevant to how you feel. As you turn off the noisy distractions that give you tunnel vision you start to see the beauty that was there around you all, along.

Positivity breeds positivity and can be contagious if you allow it. To see the silver lining in otherwise unfortunate circumstances is a skill that can be the difference between enjoying your life wholeheartedly and becoming entangled by misfortune. What surrounds you becomes a reflection of how you feel. Its like when you’re buying a car, you decide on the make and the model and next thing you know you see that car everywhere you go! Seeing joy in the little things around you helps you then see joy everywhere.

Being grateful everyday is not an easy task to begin with. I think we are conditioned throughout schooling and work lives to constantly think critically and strive for perfection. We are not a society that is taught to rejoice in the simple things in life or be content with what we have. Between Social media, marketing and reality TV we are brainwashed into believing that bigger and brighter are better. So as we start to think of what we are grateful for, it feels fake. And to begin with it, it probably is. But as you build on the habit day by day, you become more emotionally connected to what you have in your life. At first you may be grateful for just making it through the day, but as you really start to look closely at your life you start to feel real appreciation for the specialness of it all. Like that extra cuddle your little one gave you as you whisk them out of bed, or that little hand clinging so so tightly to yours as you cross the road, or seeing their tired little bodies finally relaxed and asleep after a long day of running, jumping, dancing and spinning. And ALL the other “so called “important stuff kind of doesn’t seem that important at all. In fact, it just fades into the background of life and that little seed of happiness starts to grow.

To revel in the beauty of your life and stand joyously peering over the edge of what is to come is a glorious feeling.


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