Love hard, dream big.

I have always been a firm believer in having a good crack at life, jumping in, taking risks and following what feels good. The times where I have felt the most joy were the ones that were spontaneous, irresponsible and messy, where instead of doing what I ‘should’, I decided to do what I wanted. I got out of my head and listened to my heart.

As you journey through adulthood it is so easy to get caught up in the notion of what others think is best for you. It can be crippling, at times, when you are in this place as you begin to doubt what you feel is right for you. And when this seed of doubt is planted, it grows so rapidly that you quickly become disconnected to what is true for you. You stop listening to what you want and start listening to what everybody else thinks. As this happens over and over again you start to numb your feelings, telling yourself you are wrong. You start to play life really safe and as a result you almost stop living. You get so caught up in perfecting the perceived outcome that you forget to enjoy the ride, which by the way is the absolute best part.

I have learnt that true happiness comes from really feeling life, from taking risk, from human connection which only comes when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and to be the true version of you, even the parts where you think no one can love.

When you stop saying what you think you should, looking the way you think you should and doing what you think you should, you’ll find you have a lot more time to focus on the things that really mean the most. Each time you say no to something you make room for something way more amazing to come your way. You also start to attract the people into your life that love you just the way you are and wouldn’t change a thing.

People grow when they are loved well and with out an agenda. This means loving them with out judgement and with absolute acceptance of how they are showing up; when you see all of them and you love them even more. Every time you open up to others you give them permission to do the same. This is where true connection and an opportunity to be real and raw and authentic, begins. To strive for perfective is impossible and, quite frankly, bloody boring. The real magic is in the mess. Love hard, dream big. Its in those bittersweet moments of chaos and heartbreak, that beautiful life lessons are learnt and a chance to grow and blossom comes with them.

So find your tribe and share a little bit of your soul. It will empower someone else to do the same. And each time you do, you water the seed of self love and acceptance in yourself.



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