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Family, Faith and Flow

Have you set your intention for 2017? Family, flow and faith are my key intention words for this year. After a year dedicated to self care last year, 2017 for me is about putting things in perspective and re establishing the values which are most important to me.

Growing up I stopped putting my family first when I felt like it was at the detriment of myself. When I felt like I wasn’t able to explore my youth like I wanted to, I stopped listening to my mums advice, I stopped feeling like the responsible one and I stopped letting what they thought effect what I chose to let into my life. I had an overwhelming urge to start living my life on my own terms and when I did I started to feel alive and free.

As I grew into adulthood I questioned whether I ever wanted to start a family of my own, to subject my own cycle of fear and judgement on another little human and unknowingly fuck them up on some level. It scared the shit out of me.

And then I met Chad. This tall dark and handsome guy with his kind eyes and warm beautiful heart. His gentleness took my hardened heart off guard. With him came Zara, who enchanted us both with her giggles and big blue eyes. And just like that I was a parent. Stumbling at first with its own challenges but always from a place of love.

The years went by and with it so did my fear until one day I knew it was time to have babies of my own. So a journey began into a different type of parenthood.

The last four years since Max and then Sonny have arrived have transformed me in every sense but probably the thing that has stood out the most is that it has challenged me to get back in touch with my instincts, listen to my intuition and allow my authentic self to shine through. The magical thing about kids is they don’t care what car you drive, what suburb you live in or how much money you earn. All they want is for you to read them their favourite book, sit down next to them and watch a movie and pick them up and cuddle them when they fall. But best of all they just want you to love them for all they are. And in turn they will do the same.

So this year is about them, its about letting my family be at the forefront of my decisions. Its about asking myself at every opportunity does this have their best interests at heart. For example I have recently started a part time business from home. My drive to succeed has meant that at times I have been a distracted Mum, with a foot in each camp, not doing either very well and allowing my ego to boss me around. So now I ask myself, do I love my family or my ego more? What this does for me is give me perspective. Playing with my kids is always more important.

So this year is about making our lives, about us.


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