Stripped Bare

For a long time I thought I needed to be someone that I wasn’t in order to be liked. I would often base my life decisions, consciously or not around, on what I thought others would approve of. As a kid I  wanted my mum to love me and so I was the good girl, as a teenager I wanted my friends to think I was nice, so I played the nice girl, when I was in early adulthood I wanted boys to like me, so I played the naughty girl and on and on this went until my soul cried out, enough is enough!

I have previously talked about being cracked open when I had my kids. I believe there is something that happens when you grow a human that strips you bare. What was previously important, is no longer and you are forced to rediscover your true genuine self. But I think there is a more universal shift happening too. One that will strip everyone bare, whether you have children or not. One that will help humans reconnect to each other and help us understand that we are all one.

What I have seen emerging is this deeper understanding that there is more to life then the idealised goals of wealth for wealths sake, fame and success at all costs. There is a push towards real raw human connection as people attempt to unravel where true happiness lies.  When I see the blogs of beautiful women such as the Modern Mumma, Mel Watts and Constance Hall, I feel like change has started. These women tell it how it is, the good, the bad and the ugly. No longer are images of air brushed supermums “having it all”, the role models we aspire to be. We are starting to steer away from the shiny façade of unattainable perfection towards real genuine authentic representations of mother and womanhood. Whether you like the opinions of these bloggers or not, you would have to agree that women accepting women just as they are, has way more power in it then comparing and competing in an unspoken competition that no one can win.

So having said all that the best way to begin to reconnect to each other is to start with you! Start making yourself right. And not in an egotistical arrogant way but in a softly spoken intuitive way. Let your soul have some wins in the arguments about your life. That little whisper will start to make itself heard, the more time you give listening to it. Go with your first instinct with things and quieten the voice of doubt. Have the courage to be vulnerable. Reach out to someone you trust and let them see a little snippet of  the real you.

Do these things just here and there while you build you confidence and in no time, here and there will turn into once a week which will turn into every day, and finally, every moment.

As we start to live life more authentically and in alignment with our soul, others will be brave enough to do the same. As we truly love and accept ourselves unconditionally  we give others permission to do so. Human reconnection then becomes less about you and me and more about the collective WE!


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